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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carnitas for the Dog

I cleaned out the freezer a few days ago, and in it I found a pork tenderloin. Thinking it was the pork tenderloin I'd placed in there about six months ago, I moved it to the fridge and commenced thinking about recipes.

The next morning I check the defrosting tenderloin and noticed the label:

"Use before February 8, 2002," it said.

Eeeeeew. I placed the loin immediately in the trash can.

But then Lawson reminded me that the dog can eat all manner of sketchy things with delight. So I pulled it out again and set about cooking the dog some 6.5-year-old pork.

I opened the package and drained the meat and cut away the only nasty-looking freeze-damaged area I could see. I decided roasting the pork would be good: get some hot air circulating around it to pull away any funky freezer odors. And I decided some fat and salt would help matters enormously. So I rubbed the tenderloin in a good amount of bacon grease and roasted it in a 450-degree oven for about half an hour.

The final product was super-tender and moist and smelled good. I'm guessing the long freezing damaged the meat fibers, making them break down and tenderize. Lawson tasted the pork and thought it was delicious.

I cut it into chunks. It looks exactly like carnitas. I have been feeding it to Patty over several days, mixed at various times with canned dog food, plain yogurt, or chicken broth.

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Anonymous said...

lawson TASTED it?! Insane.