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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nibbling while Rome Burns

As the stock market melted down further today, Grandma and I did our usual weekly shopping--same time, same day of the week--and the stores had only half the usual shoppers. Did they decide to stay at home and not buy food? Was it a citizen protest?

Ironically, lobster tails (Australian) and asparagus were on sale. I made this dish of roasted garlic, tomatoes, asparagus, and lobster with pasta:

1 head of garlic, trimmed and wrapped in foil
4 plum tomatoes, quartered and tossed with olive oil
1 pound asparagus, all tough stalks discarded, and cut in 2-inch lengths
Shrimp or lobster

Pasta for two, cooked and drained
Lemon juice
Fresh oregano and thyme
Salt and pepper

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Put in foil-wrapped garlic.

Ten minutes later, place tomatoes on baking sheet and add to oven. Roast 20 minutes without turning, until slightly black and shriveled.

Add asparagus to pan and roast for a further 10 minutes.

Add shrimp or lobster and roast for a few minutes until done.

Squeeze out garlic into a serving bowl. Mash with lemon juice, herbs, salt, and pepper. Mix in cooked pasta and roasted vegetables and shellfish. Season to taste.


We had this with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate. And martinis and sauvignon blanc. I can't shake a kind of doomsday feeling--like we should have had beans just in case.

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Eva said...

A few months ago my friend Dave said he felt even more moved to eat and drink opulently, because who knows what we'll be able to afford six months from now? Your lobster and champagne dinner is like an early 1929 banquet. It sounds amazing.