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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


About Cooking Habit:
We are a daughter (Eva) and mother (Kris) writing to each other about food and cooking.

We are not food snobs, though we care deeply about what and how we eat. We are not professionals, either, though Kris at one point taught some cooking classes and did unlicensed catering out of her home kitchen, and Eva does some freelance food writing. We just cook, and cook often, for ourselves and the people we love.

It may seem like our audience is each other, but you're our audience, too, so please feel free to join in the conversation. Our posts are full of halfway-explained dishes and freely adaptable recipes and are thus geared toward more experienced cooks, but if you're a beginner with a question, don't be embarrassed to ask.

About Us:
Kris lives in Arizona with her husband (Eva's dad). She teaches piano, plays the piano, and drives around the country reading brown signs and camping in beautiful places.

Eva lives in South Carolina with her boyfriend Lawson. To make money she writes everything from business proposals to articles for the local alt weekly. She plays in two punk rock bands and goes for long walks.

Check out Eva's column Chew On This! every Wednesday in the Free Times. Her résumé and work details are at EvaLMoore.com.

Review Policy
  • We will accept review copies of cookbooks.
  • We will review some of them. However, we do not guarantee that any particular cookbook will be reviewed or even mentioned, except on this page.
  • When we do mention a cookbook, we will always note if we received it for free.
  • The freeness of a cookbook will not unduly influence our opinion of it.
Books Received

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