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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Golden Bag

No cooking in this post -- nothing especially amazing in the Chinese takeout department, either -- but I was in love with this greasy bag our complimentary eggroll came in.

The mu shu pork was pretty decent: classic brown sauce, tender pork, finely shredded cabbage. The pancakes were kind of gross and prepackaged, but whatever. It was quite late on a Sunday night, and we were excessively pleased to find somewhere open.

The kung pao chicken? Fine. A little bland. No pronounced dried red chile flavor. Cashews contributed no flavor. Better with some fresh garden chiles.

I think we got five meals out of this two-dish order: dinner for two, lunch for two, and a snack for one. Quite a deal. But probably the last time I eat Chinese takeout for another few years.


Anonymous said...

i see a piggly wiggly beer coozie in back. if you ever want to give those to someone, think of me.

Eva said...

Okay! Easiest wedding present EVER! Thanks, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Easiest and classiest!