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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping List

Before we get to my shopping list, I have to do the 12-step thing and declare my addiction: I am now a political internet Junkie with a capital J. I used to get my news from the local newspaper plus the Washington Post online, but now I am actually trolling the web to find out what the McCain campaign has to say about Sarah Palin's clothing budget. I swear I am going to give it up after November 4th. I truly hope this is reversible.

I always take Grandma shopping on Thursday morning. We go to the supermarket--Fry's, which is a Kroger store--and then Sprouts, a store which is like a Wild Oats for poor people. It has great produce.

Dad does most of the other marketing, going to Trader Joe's for wine, cheese, and certain things that are best at Trader Joe's, like peanut butter and wine vinegar; Food City for Mexican groceries and produce; and occasionally 17th Street Market. Together we occasionally go to the Middle Eastern Caravan store, for dates and olives and so forth.

I never have made good shopping lists. We try to jot down things we have actually run out of, but are very poor at menu planning. So here is tomorrow's list as of 9:00 p.m., even though we are having guests on Sunday:

baking potatoes
olive oil
club soda
Evan Williams bourbon
rice vinegar
parmesan cheese

Despite, or because of, the economic troubles, there are two new wine-and -liquor supermarkets opening near us this week. They sound very tacky (one is named Bevmo) but we will take a look.


Eva said...

Hey, that's about what my list looks like. The last two times I've tried to buy garlic, the store's offerings have been old and light and gross, so I keep rolling it over to a new list.

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