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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Potato Salad That Launched a Thousand Angry Blog Posts

More hilarious lameness from Cooks Illustrated, whom we have complained about before. The Tigers and Strawberries post is a must-read.

I have never made potato salad -- never had much use for it -- but I think I will make some this weekend. Maybe I can make a version with bow tie pasta and little poop-shaped clumps of olive tapenade in honor of Christopher Kimball.


Kris said...

Hee hee hee. Tomorrow is recycling day--maybe I'll put all my old Cook's Illustrated issues in the bin!!

I was going to make a fancy potato salad from Bon Appetit magazine tonight, but I'm turned off. Anyway, it specified Yukon Gold potatoes, grilled corn, charred red peppers, and on and on. Please. Either use your family recipe, or make something up.

Eva said...

So, what IS our family recipe? Maybe next time you're in the mood for potato salad you can post it?

Eva said...

Brilliant: The Cooks Illustrated recipe for boiled water.

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