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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fancy Spam Sandwich for Obama

The Republican attempt to smear Barack Obama as an effete, arugula-eating liberal is totally not working on me. Every time some McCain surrogate trots out this meme, my brain drifts away, Homer Simpson-like, to actual arugula. Mmmm...arugula. (Besides which, is it not obvious that Obama was joking? Poking fun at himself for being citified?)

I think this is why I've been buying a lot of arugula lately and putting it in everything. It's subconscious. Maybe the Republicans are actually in the pocket of the K Street arugula lobby.

Anyway, here is a sandwich I ate last week. At the time, I just wanted to try some Spam. I half-jokingly bought Lawson a Spam Single last year, and it's been sitting in the pantry, and I thought it would make a tasty, humorous lunch.

But today I realized it was a nice tribute to the candidate. And since this is convention week, here you are, Mr. Senator.
  1. Obama, like me, grew up in Hawai'i, where Spam is the unofficial state food. I sauteed the slice of Spam in a little olive oil until it was a nice golden color on both sides.
  2. If the notoriously healthy Obama were to actually eat a Spam sandwich, it would be on whole wheat bread with fresh garden tomatoes. Plus, it's August. Garden tomatoes are in season.
  3. Butter, rather than guns, was applied to the toast.
  4. On top of the butter was a layer of mustard, because mustard goes well with things like baloney, hot dogs, and Spam. Sorry, I got nothing.
  5. Arugula goes surprisingly well with mustard and Spam. And its weakness as a political tag gives me hope that Karl Rove is way, way off his game.

The sandwich was delicious. Delicious like respect for the Constitutional separation of powers, decision-making based on careful consideration of facts and consequences, and the end of torture as an instrument of empire. Mmm!


Laura said...

Jason will be so proud of you! Or perhaps I should keep this entry a secret from him. I've declared our house a Spam-free zone, and it will just give him pro-Spam ammunition if he knows about your elitist liberal Spam sandwich.

Eva said...

This is a totally Jason dish, isn't it? Right down to the yellow mustard. Maybe you can buy that anarcho-leftist weirdo just one Spam Single if everything goes okay in November?

Kris said...

Whee! Food as political commentary!

I enjoyed this. We had ribs last night, something politicians always do to show their authenticity, but in our case it was just a convenient thing for Dad to cook while Grandma and I went to a concert. (Ooh--elitist activity--classical concert--there was this great flute and piano piece by Cesar Franck, and also a Bach sonata).

Kris said...

Oh, by the way--I was very tempted to "report Spam" to Google.

Annie said...

Whoa. You just made me want Spam. I've never tried it. Can't wait!

(can't help but wonder if they make organic Spam. So sue me!)

Eva said...

Aw, Annie, ALL Spam is organic! Come on now!