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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bosnian Food in Tucson

I was away all day at rehearsals Saturday, so Dad--who understands that procuring the perfect take-out meal is an art--went to the new Bosnian restaurant nearby and brought home the most wonderful homemade meal. Our menu: Bosnian Salad Plate (like antipasto, but fresher) accompanied by homemade bread that was unsalted, a nice contrast; a vegetable stew with potato dumplings (not heavy, though--and the stew sauce was vaguely vinegary); a lamb stew with large limas (gigantes, they're called in some cuisines); and a dessert of dried fruit confection rolled into balls. A cabbage salad accompanied everything--it seemed to have been wilted or blanched and was so mild and tender.

We'll be going back there often.


Eva said...

You need to try the Bosnian sausage mentioned in the article and tell me about it. Sounds like a wonderful place.

Kris said...

We ordered from this place again with Greg and Katherine. The Bosnian sausage was more like Middle Eastern kefta (kafta?)--cylinders of finely ground, highly seasoned meat. These seemed to be baked and were similar to kebabs I have tasted which were molded around skewers.

The order of 15 sausages was served in a large homemade pita bread split in half, like a pillow full of sausages.