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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mahi Mahi Redux

"Redux" is in honor of John Updike. I have to read something of his again. Reading the Rabbit novels twenty years ago, I thought they were so mundane--I have to give them another look.

I bought some gleamingly fresh mahimahi today, and prepared it according to a recipe I found on the internet--I'm always wary, but allrecipes.com has been a good source for me. I baked an acorn squash and boiled two ears of corn, and served the fish on a bed of arugula.


kate said...

Looks fantastic! I am excited to find your blog as we just moved to the Columbia area recently and I'm really interested in learning more about area restaurants and the local slow food community. My husband and I love to cook as well and are always up for trying new dishes. I'll check back often! Kate (kateagliata.blogspot.com)

Kris said...

Thanks for your interest, Kate! Eva is on her way to Tucson today, so we will be cooking together here for a week. I hope we can post something appetizing.