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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 6: Carolina Food Only

Check out these heirloom tomatoes I bought at Rosewood Market. The light ones are Eva Pink Balls, and the dark ones are Japanese Black Trifeles. Crazy evil meaty mushroomy flavors from the dark ones, and excellent acidic balance from the pinks.

Yesterday I bought a bag of fresh onions from Ben Dubard, ending my painful five-day onion-free streak. Whew. It allowed me to make shrimp and grits using some local shrimp purchased from the shrimp guy at the All-Local Farmer's Market. I'm glad I've stuck with that guy: he gets ever better at keeping his shrimp fresh. These tasted like they'd been caught only hours before: perfect clean flavor.

Today's the last day of the challenge, and while I have some Grand Observations knocking around in my head, they're not quite ready to come out. Tomorrow, I promise, I will wax...well, not philosophical, but maybe a little think-y.

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Kris said...

Oh, Eva, I miss you and the blog. I'm at Katherine's tonight so I got a chance to read all your posts. She made a caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes and we took pictures.

We'll get home on Sunday and I promise to write about everything. Good work on keeping up our reputation.