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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 2: Carolina Food Only

Today I got HUNGRY. Again I took a South Carolina peach and a big container of cornmeal mush (made with Anson Mills blue grits) to work, and though the peach was lovely, the two-day-old mush wasn't so good. Without any fat to make it keep longer, it tasted both bland and overripe. Things that aren't fruit shouldn't taste overripe.

Some emails from this afternoon:
Me: Do you think Taco Bell uses local products? Grass-fed Carolina beef? Piedmont beans? I'm huuuuuuungry.

Lawson: Sorry, baby. When you get home you may have some crusty salt and whole milk.*

Me: Mmmm! Maybe I'll float an egg in it. And a tomato chewed by a local rat.**

* That Celtic Sea Salt I bought is in huge, crunchy crystals. I keep meaning to crush some up in the mortar and pestle.

** Rats have been putting big old ratty teethmarks in our garden tomatoes by night. Grrr.

So I drank a lot of water, and when I got home I fried a few pieces of Caw Caw Creek bacon to fix me up. After that I was fine. But still I feel unprepared for the rest of this week and somehow deprived, even though the only things I really miss so far are vinegar, lemons, chile powder, and olive oil. I guess that's a lot of things.

Dinner tonight is burritos:
  • tortillas made from Anson Mills biscuit flour (not ideal gluten content, but all I had), grease from Caw Caw Creek bacon, and water
  • sausage from Caw Caw Creek
  • eggs, scrambled, from Wil-Moore Farms
  • salsa made from tomatoes, poblano chiles, and parsley, all from the garden
It's funny, this experiment. I was just telling Lawson that I don't have any food restrictions -- not a vegetarian anymore, no major financial limitations (several years out of school), not afraid of any particular cooking method or ingredient -- so it's interesting to have some again. It's good to think about food differently for a while.

I found a good South Carolina beer: RJ Rockers Pale Ale.


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this segment. I can't wait to read what you eat next!

Laura said...

Let us know if you need any Rosewood-grown zucchini to get you through the week! All the rain has caused ours to produce like crazy over the past few days.

Eva said...

Thanks, both of you! Laura, if I don't hit you up this week (we have one little zucchini of our own for tonight), I know I will hit you up soon. Chocolate zucchini cake, you know...

Annie said...

This cracked me up. I'm enjoying reading about your experiment,too. I think it would be a great way of getting into the habit of eating as locally as possible. Very cool!