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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Red Chile Plate II

Here's my own attempt at recreating Santos' red chile beef plate. Like you, I boiled the beef first, then cut it up and browned it -- so strange, but it works! I made the sauce from soaking whole dried red chiles, though. I brought them to a simmer, then soaked them for about two hours until they were nice and bright red, then blended them up with the strained broth from boiling the beef. Same seasonings as you, pretty much, though I added a bay leaf, a touch of red wine vinegar, and one small minced garlic clove.

It was tasty! We ate it with corn tortillas and a salad. Homemade tortillas would have been much better, and since the beef was so much work, it would have been worth it to take that extra step.


Kris said...

Ooh--beautiful red! I love dried red chiles, but even though we live at the source, I also love the convenience of pure chile powder (of course the stuff we get here is very fresh).

Hey, I enjoyed your Pho and burger articles in the Free Times.

Anonymous said...


I place my order herewith for August (probably the 5th or so).

Mark (in Kyoto)