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Sunday, September 23, 2007

North by North Africa by West Africa

I bought some Canadian haddock and made your North African Fish Fillets for dinner. I served them with couscous and steamed okra. It was great -- one of those dishes I can't quite imagine the taste of from reading the recipe but that makes perfect sense once it's prepared. The haddock was quite good, and good wild fish is always cause for celebration in Columbia.

For the sauce I used a bunch of garden tomatoes that desperately had to be cooked today -- homegrown tomatoes don't last long off the vine before before breaking out all over with mold or spontaneously liquefying. One minute the tomato is fine; the next it has split down one side and urinated on the counter. I cleaned the heck out of the kitchen today and scrubbed at more stains from little yellow puddles of tomato goo than I care to recount.

I also used some garden chiles instead of a jalapeno: one cowhorn and one dedo de mo├ža. So here's a picture of tomatoes, chiles, and day lilies.

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