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Monday, September 10, 2007

Chiles as a Condiment

I never really understood how to eat fresh chiles until recently. I used to see them served with meals in Mexico and the Southwest, especially breakfasts -- just a small bowl of jalapenos or serranos, usually. And I love chiles. Also I have this macho compulsion not usually found in women where I have to lift heavy things, spit cherry pits, and eat extremely spicy foods to show off. But eating a plain, really hot chile does not facilitate the tasting of other parts of a meal, so I never really knew what to do.

Lawson taught me that you have to eat them literally with other food -- bite of sandwich, bite of chile, chew. Eaten this way, they actually enhance the main flavors of the meal and are seldom too hot. (Well, maybe not those habaneros in the foreground up there -- I wouldn't eat one of those with my tomato-egg sandwich.)

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Eva said...

Addendum, one year later: Actually I would so totally eat a habenero with a tomato egg sandwich. I want that right now.