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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Book Review and More

I almost forgot! For the Entertaining section of this month's Abode I reviewed Paul Johnson's Fish Forever: The Definitive Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Preparing Healthy, Delicious, and Environmentally Sustainable Seafood. What a cool book that is.

Here's to more fish in the rest of 2008. Judging by our posts here over the last few weeks, even, we're off to a good start.


Kris said...

Oh, I enjoyed the Times articles! You're good at cookbook reviewing.

JacquelineC said...

Just found this post. You might be interested in my Sustainable Seafood blog event wrap up: "Teach a Man to Fish" was a great success with chefs, bloggers and home cooks sharing recipes and stories. Here's the link:
Teach a Man to Fish