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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Food

I guess this post is for both of us, Mom, since you called me from Texas last night to talk about cooking black eyed peas and will be nowhere near a computer for another week. I hope your black eyed peas with chorizo were perfect. My hoppin' John was tasty, but the rice didn't cook properly -- some of it was a little gummy, some undercooked. I have some work to do to become a perfect Carolina pilau chef.

Fortunately, the collards were glorious. And I ate plenty of both collards and hoppin' John, so in the New Year I will be both rich and lucky.

We also had homemade chocolate ice cream. It was delicious, but honestly a bit too intense and rich. Next time I will look for a more moderate chocolate ice cream recipe -- fewer egg yolks, less chocolate.

Happy New Year!

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