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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cantaloupe for Breakfast

It's hard to write about cooking during July because the foods I love most right now require no preparation.

I'm not from the school that puts sugar on grapefruit, cream on blueberries, cheese on apples, etc. It isn't out of purity or health nuttery; it's more like fresh fruit gives me a clean-mouthed feeling that's spoiled by dairy or sucrose.

Lawson grew this cantaloupe, because I am the luckiest eater ever.


Kris said...

Eva, You are getting to be a wonderful food photographer! I can almost taste that cantaloupe.

Laura said...

I agree with your mom, Eva! I don't even like cantaloupe, but that picture makes me want to eat one.

Brent, Ya Dorks said...

Man, that little puddle of cantaloupe juice in the wedge part there has got me putting on my shoes and heading to the fruit stand.