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Friday, February 20, 2009


I made a calzone using my regular pizza dough recipe. It's a fairly wet dough, which made it a little tough to work with. Lots of cornmeal on the peel made it all okay.

No ricotta in this one -- just what we had around, which was homemade Italian sausage, mozzarella, and sauce made with canned tomatoes.

Mom, I used to love those calzones you made with ham and cheese when we were kids. I think that was my birthday dinner for several years running, wasn't it?

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Kris said...

Yes, that was a very dense filling of ham, salami, 2 or 3 kinds of cheese including parmesan, minced garlic, sliced raw onions, oregano, and thyme. It is always a hit at a potluck. Hey--that might work for a brunch potluck if you toned down the garlic and onion part--maybe put in some bell peppers instead.