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Friday, June 13, 2008

First Okra of the Year

And so it begins again.

I picked up some local crowder peas at the Rosewood Market and cooked them very simply with bacon, salt, and the first two okra pods of the season. And I understood this time what's so special about crowder peas. Lawson describes it as a metallic flavor, and yes, there's a brassy freshness even after 25 minutes of cooking. They taste sort of like fresh peas and sort of like dried beans. Very exciting. We ate them with cold smoked chicken and a simple green salad.

I am impatient for more garden okra. I almost became unprofessional yesterday while interviewing a lady who represents a certain organization that promotes local food when she told me she doesn't like okra. What? She's only lived here a year, though. I guess it took me a few more years than that to come around. She was very neat otherwise. But okra. OKRA.


Annie said...

I was so excited to see okra at the market yesterday! Sorry I missed you, by the way. I told Emile our baby can be his mascot!

Okra is awesome. Have you ever tried roasted? When I make it here, it never makes it to the plate, because the kids snag it right off of the pan.

Annie said...

And, oh yeah, pickled okra in Bloody Mary...and plain old okra and tomatoes...and fried okra...Yum!

Eva said...

Oh yes, I love it roasted! Never tried it pickled in a bloody mary, though our friend Mark took to putting my pickled okra in his martinis when he spent one hot August staying with us. Looks like a good day for a bloody mary, what with all the rain...