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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Between Seasons

I made a disappointing dinner that I should have known would be disappointing. The recipe sounded exciting but not quite right: roasted beets, horseradish, orange juice, and fresh thyme on salmon. The wild salmon was tough and not great, and I should have known better about the topping. Fortunately we had Brussels sprouts with pine nuts to save the meal.

My problem is the season, I think. I’m trying to cook spring dishes with winter ingredients. Beets and sweet potatoes still fill the produce aisles, but I’m ready for lighter food, for freshness and an end to thick hearty stews and root vegetables. It’ll be another month or two before good local things reach the market. So until then I’ve been eating Thai takeout and cooking weirdly hopeful meals that don’t turn out quite right.

We had a blogging slowdown last year around this time, too. It’ll get better soon. My friend Laura and I are splitting a CSA share this year, so around the end of April things will start looking up...if not earlier.

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Kris said...

Part of our problem is that our expectations are ridiculously high. A friend asked me once, "Don't you ever just make macaroni and cheese?!" Yes, but it's made completely from scratch.