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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Trailer Food

Our six-day trip to the Salton Sea and the KOFA wilderness was excellent—more camping and less driving than usual (non-family members can laugh: this means we only drove 1500 miles and camped in only three different places). We hiked in a little canyon in KOFA—named for the King of Arizona mine—where native palms grew, and also visited an old mine and where Dad looked for quartz and other specimens while Emily and I took a nice walk up a wash. We looked at birds at the Salton Sea, drove around Joshua Tree National Park, and revisited the mud volcanoes. I read an old book by Gale Sheehy about Hillary Clinton.

We cooked every meal in the trailer. For dinners we had:
--pork tenderloin with a pan sauce, boiled new potatoes, and Dad’s spinach from home
--hot Italian chicken sausage in tomato sauce with whole wheat spaghetti, and asparagus
--salmon patties, fried potatoes, fresh green beans
--chile con carne with ground beef, tomatillos, and fresh jalapenos, tortillas, and chayote (we stopped at a Mexican market that day)
--clam sauce and spaghetti, inappropriately accompanied by Trader Joe’s Indian vegetables

For breakfast and lunch we usually ate what was left over, although we had provisioned with yogurt, cottage cheese, sliced ham and cheese, olives, nuts, hummus, dates, and lots of fruit. And a partial case of wine and a bottle of tequila.


Eva said...

That all sounds so good. What do you keep in your trailer pantry?

writer said...

Hi Eva and Chris. I have been reading your foodie blog with interest for the past few months. Just wanted to say I enjoy the posts very much and glean good ideas for my own cooking.

Kris said...

I have a small kit of seasonings: salt, pepper, chile powder, oregano, curry powder, and cinnamon. Then I always take olive oil, whole wheat couscous and pasta, evaporated milk, canned tomatoes, canned tuna and salmon, nuts and dried fruit. The produce bin has onions and garlic, tomatoes, fresh chiles, bananas, apples, lemons, plus whatever's in season.

My favorite thing to do on a trip is to buy from produce stands and small markets along the way, just to get the flavor of where we are.

Eva said...

Hey, thanks, writer!